SQL Formatter

Allows You to Format SQL

Enter an SQL statement that you wish to format. Click the "GET FORMATTED SQL" button to begin the formatting process. Upon successful completion of the formatting, you will see a formatted SQL. Just highlight the result and right click to Copy.

SQL Usage

SQL is the language that talks to relational databases in order to store, update, change, and delete data. You may have seen things like Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc when looking up databases or a tech blog. These are called relational database management systems. In short, software that allows us to create and manage databases.

Ignoring the SQL formatting standard can cause significant problems when you are collaborating with other programmers. Proper formatting helps your SQL code be easier to read and helps prevent errors when making changes to your code.

The best solution, in general, is to follow the SQL Formatting Standard. There is not one official document about it, but there are some generally agreed upon standards and good practices written by experts in SQL.