Serial Shipping Container Code Validator

Allows You to Validate Serial Shipping Container Code

Enter a serial shipping container code (SSCC) that you wish to validate. Click the "GET VALIDATION" button to begin the validation. Upon successful completion of the validation, you will know if its valid or invalid.

What is an SSCC used for?

The SSCC is used to identify an individual logistic unit. A logistic unit can be any combination of units put together for transport and/or storage where the specific unit load needs to be managed throughout the supply chain. Some examples of logistics units are cases, pallets, or air cargo containers. The SSCC enables a logistics unit to be tracked individually to support order and delivery tracking and automated goods receiving. Because the SSCC provides a unique number for the delivery, it can be used as a lookup number to provide not only detailed information regarding the contents of the load, but also as part of the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) process.

Typically, this means that just one scan of the SSCC on a logistic unit at a receiving bay can be linked to a pre-received electronic ASN of the contents of the logistic unit to facilitate speedy receiving, reconciliation, and put-away processes. Alternatively, when tracking a unit in transit, the SSCC provides all the information required for accurate identification. The SSCC can be captured when a specific logistic unit is dispatched, arrives at its destination, or at any other intermediary point in the supply chain.

If a logistic unit with an SSCC is travelling through a hub and is broken down and repacked, a new SSCC will need to be assigned to the new logistic unit. The SSCC can be used for any logistic units that require individual identification, such as couriered parcels, beer kegs, or even a whole container load. The SSCC is also useful for internal pallet or unit identification when the load is put away or moved within a warehouse or business.

Key Attributes of the SSCC

The SSCC can be used to uniquely identify any logistic unit enabling the logistics unit to be correctly identified anywhere in the world. Combined with GS1 Standards for electronic messaging, this "license plate" facilitates simple tracking of goods from the carton level all the way up to the trailer load level and beyond. In addition, the SSCC allows reliable lookup of complex load detail, which saves having to encode long detailed consignment information on individual logistic unit labels.

The serial reference component of the SSCC provides virtually unlimited number capacity, simplifying number allocation and guaranteeing unique identification. An SSCC can be assigned by a company anywhere in the world and can be used anywhere in the world.