Image Placeholder Generator

Allows You to Generate Image Placeholder

Enter a width, height, text color, background color and text that you wish to generate an image placeholder. Click the "GET IMAGE PLACEHOLDER" button to begin the process. Upon successful completion of the process, you will see a generated image and the image url that you can copy with.

Image Placeholder Usage

A placeholder image service is a quick and easy way to find images to insert into web projects so that a wireframe or prototype looks more real. It can help other people envision the project and help keep it moving forward.

Most designers try to do everything they can to help a client or non-visual team member see a project during the design, mockup and prototyping process. Often that means putting something together before the content itself is complete.

Why should you consider placeholder images?

  • They make it easier for all users to visualize the design
  • They provide a way to show the impact images have on the meaning of content
  • You don’t have to dig around or guess what images should go in the design; with placeholders, clients and other team members can see the image locations available
  • They make a design prototype look more polished and “finished”
  • They’re easy to implement with little code and no images to upload to your project database